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Feeld Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Ready to dive headfirst into the realm of online dating? Well then, have I got a titillating surprise for you – Feeld! If you’re tired of traditional apps that box your desires into neat little categories and crave something more colors-outside-the-lines kind of thrilling, this app might just be the sparkly unicorn in your love life. But hold on tight, folks – we’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through uncharted territory.

Can Feeld successfully push the boundaries of conventional romance while putting consent and communication front and center in its polyamorous playground? Let’s find out together as we navigate through the wilds of this curious platform. Prepare yourself for some jaw-dropping surprises and liberating experiences along the way – are you up for it? Buckle up because Feeld is about to scramble everything you thought you knew about modern romance (and maybe even make you reconsider your whole relationship status!)

Pros & Cons

  • – Feeld is a freaking awesome hookup app that’s perfect for adventurous peeps looking to explore their wildest desires.
  • – With its free membership, you can dip your toes into the feeld pool and check out some of the sensational profiles without breaking the bank.
  • – If you want to dive deep into all the untamed wonders this app has to offer, upgrading to the majestic membership grants you access to some seriously mind-blowing features.
  • – Unlike other platforms haunted by fake profiles that make you wonder if they’re real or just figments of your imagination, feeld takes this issue seriously and encourages users to report any suspicious activity—bye bye fakers!
  • – In a big city with more dating options than unicorn colors, women feel safe using feeld because it allows them to hide from their thirsty friends while still having fun finding future connections.
  • – Feeld review: Although the app offers a free membership option, you’ll quickly realize it’s severely limited and can leave you feeling frustrated.
  • – Fake profiles are like unwanted weeds in your garden of potential dates on Feeld; they seem to pop up everywhere and make it harder to find genuine connections.
  • – Numerous reports have surfaced about fake profiles on Feeld, making it difficult to trust who you’re actually talking to on the app.
  • – The feeld subscription might promise more features, but let me tell you, it doesn’t always live up to its hype – expect some disappointment there.
  • – If you happen to live in a small town or rural area rather than a big city, don’t get your hopes up too high when using Feeld as your future connection pool is likely limited.

Feeld features

Feeld offers both free and paid features to its users, providing a range of functionalities for online dating. One unique feature on Feeld is the availability of group chats, allowing members to connect with others who share similar interests or preferences. Users can also customize their app settings according to their desired privacy levels and personal preferences.

In terms of profile pictures, Feeld allows users to upload private photos that can be shared with specific individuals upon permission.

This additional layer of privacy ensures that members have full control over who views their pictures.

Another standout feature offered by Feeld is its diverse gender options. The platform goes beyond traditional binary options, providing a wider range of choices for users to identify themselves in a more inclusive manner.

When it comes to communication, Feeld enables its users to send messages and engage in conversations with other members seamlessly.

This interactive aspect fosters connections and facilitates meaningful interactions between like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, one notable aspect about Feeld is its continuously growing user base, with new members joining regularly. This influx of users enhances the chances of finding compatible matches on the platform and adds dynamism to the overall experience.

Overall, Feeld stands out among online dating platforms due to its distinct features such as group chats, customizable privacy settings, private photo sharing options, diverse gender choices, seamless messaging capabilities, and an ever-expanding user community.

  • Group Chats: Feeld offers the ability to create and participate in group chats, allowing users to engage in conversations with multiple people.
  • App Settings: The app provides configurable settings that allow users to customize their Feeld experience according to their preferences and needs.
  • Profile Pictures: Users can upload profile pictures to showcase their personality and attract potential matches on Feeld.
  • Private Photos: Feeld enables users to have private photos within their profiles, granting them an opportunity to share more intimate images with specific individuals upon consent.
  • Gender Options: Feeld recognizes and respects diverse gender identities, offering a wide range of gender options for users to choose from when creating their profiles.
  • Send Messages: Feeld allows users to send messages to one another, fostering communication and connection between members.
  • Users: Feeld is a platform designed for real users seeking genuine connections, providing a safe and authentic environment.
  • Members Coming: Feeld continually expands its member base, introducing new individuals regularly, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic community.

Help & Support

Users can access support for Feeld through various channels. Firstly, there is a dedicated support page on the Feeld website where users can find answers to commonly asked questions and get assistance with any issues they may be facing. This support page serves as a valuable resource for users who prefer self-help.

For those who require direct interaction with the support team, Feeld also offers the option to contact them via email. Users can send their queries or concerns to the provided email address, and the support team strives to respond promptly and helpfully.

The response time may vary depending on the volume of inquiries received, but Feeld aims to address user concerns within a reasonable timeframe.

Furthermore, unlike many other platforms that only offer written communication avenues, Feeld presents an additional mode of support: phone assistance. Alongside email and the comprehensive support page, Feeld provides a phone number that users can dial for immediate assistance with their queries or technical difficulties.

In addition to these interactive forms of support, Feeld has an extensive FAQ section available on their website. This collection covers a wide range of topics related to app usage, account management, privacy settings, billing inquiries, and more.

By perusing this FAQ section before reaching out directly to customer support, users often find quick resolutions to their concerns without needing further assistance.

When comparing Feeld’s customer support offerings with similar platforms in this domain such as Tinder or Bumble – both widely-used dating applications – it becomes evident that Feeld places great emphasis on providing multiple ways for its users to receive assistance quickly and efficiently. While all three platforms have online resources containing FAQs addressing common user needs, only Feeld extends its level of service by offering personal email correspondence as well as telephone accessibility – features greatly appreciated by individuals seeking real-time solutions or personalized guidance regarding app-related matters.

Overall, whether it be through its comprehensive knowledge base accessible via the Support page or direct communication options like email and phone calls, Feeld demonstrates a commitment to addressing user concerns promptly and effectively. This robust support system contributes significantly to the overall user experience on the platform, setting it apart from other alternatives available in this space.

Similar Sites & Apps

Apart from Feeld, there are several other dating apps and similar sites & apps that cater to diverse preferences. These alternatives provide a range of options for individuals seeking connections, allowing them to explore platforms like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or even niche dating communities such as HER or Grindr.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating platforms. In this regard, Feeld takes several measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for its users.

Feeld recognizes the significance of user verification in promoting authenticity within its community. To achieve this, the platform offers a verification process that allows users to verify their profiles. This helps in distinguishing genuine individuals from fake accounts or bots, ultimately cultivating trust among members.

Furthermore, Feeld actively fights against bots and fake accounts by implementing advanced algorithms that detect suspicious activity. These systems work tirelessly behind the scenes to identify and remove any fraudulent profiles promptly. By doing so, Feeld maintains an atmosphere where users can connect with real people who share genuine interests.

To strengthen security even further, Feeld provides a two-step verification option. This additional layer of protection ensures that only authorized individuals can access their accounts. By utilizing methods such as SMS codes or email authentication, Feeld enhances user privacy and thwarts unauthorized access attempts.

When it comes to handling visual content, Feeld goes above and beyond by manually reviewing all uploaded photos before making them visible on the platform. This meticulous process aims to prevent inappropriate or offensive images from being showcased publicly. Moreover, it emphasizes respect and creates a space where everyone feels comfortable while exploring their desires openly.

In terms of privacy policy, Feeld firmly safeguards user information by employing industry-standard security protocols. It guarantees that personal data remains confidential and is not shared without explicit consent from individuals involved.

The platform’s commitment to protecting user privacy promotes a sense of security among its members.

While Feeld does make significant efforts to prioritize safety and security within its community, there is always room for improvement in this realm. For instance, more comprehensive background checks could be implemented during profile creation or account verification processes to further minimize potential risks associated with interacting with strangers online.

In conclusion, Feeld places a high emphasis on safety and security through various means such as user verification, anti-bot measures, two-step authentication, manual photo reviews, and a strong privacy policy. These features collectively create an environment where users can pursue meaningful connections without compromising their personal safety. However, by continuously evaluating and enhancing its security practices, Feeld could further refine and strengthen the protection it offers to its diverse community of members.

What Makes Feeld Worth Trying

  • Feeld offers both a free membership and a Majestic membership upgrade, providing users with various options to suit their preferences and needs. This diversity sets it apart from many other sites and apps that may only offer limited access or charge for every feature.
  • The unique features on Feeld allow users to tailor their experience and explore different types of connections beyond traditional relationships. The app stands out by embracing diversity and catering to individuals who are looking for unconventional partnerships or exploring their sexuality in an open-minded environment.
  • One distinctive aspect of Feeld is its commitment to ensuring that women feel safe and comfortable while using the platform. Feeld takes safety seriously by providing strict verification processes and offering a space where women can express themselves without fear of harassment or judgment.
  • Feeld allows users to hide from friends and social circles, granting them privacy and discretion in their exploration of connections outside of their existing relationships. This feature distinguishes Feeld from platforms that may prioritize public visibility and disclosure, respecting the personal boundaries and desires of its users.
  • The Majestic membership upgrade serves as an attractive feature for those seeking enhanced experiences and deeper connections. By subscribing to this premium option, users gain access to additional advanced search filters, read receipts, and the ability to see who liked their profile, ultimately increasing their chances of finding meaningful connections.
  • Feeld emphasizes the importance of creating future connections, rather than solely focusing on immediate encounters. By fostering an environment where users can engage in conversations and build genuine connections before meeting in person, Feeld aims to facilitate lasting relationships based on compatibility and shared interests.

Pricing & Premium Membership on Feeld

With a paid subscription to Feeld, users can unlock a range of benefits and features that enhance their experience on the app. The pricing for Feeld’s premium membership is competitive in comparison to other options on the market.

While it is possible to use Feeld without paying through its free version, the paid membership, known as Majestic Membership, offers exclusive advantages. Subscribers gain access to advanced filters, allowing them to customize their search criteria and narrow down potential matches based on specific preferences.

This feature can significantly save time by ensuring compatibility right from the start.

Additionally, with a Majestic Membership, users have the ability to hide their profile from Facebook friends who might also be using Feeld. This added privacy feature allows individuals to explore connections discreetly and comfortably.

Feeld offers convenient payment methods for its paid subscriptions.

Users can choose between various options such as credit cards or services like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This flexibility ensures that everyone can easily sign up for a premium membership without any hassle.

In conclusion, while there is a free version available, opting for a paid subscription on Feeld with its Majestic Membership provides significant benefits such as advanced filters and enhanced privacy features. With competitive pricing in relation to other similar platforms and multiple payment methods accepted, Feeld stands out as an attractive option for those seeking unique connections in today’s digital dating world.

Subscription Option Price Features
Free Version Free Basic Matching, Messaging with Connections, Unlimited profile browsing
Majestic Membership $15.99/month All features of Free version + See who liked you, Incognito mode, View private photos
Empress/Emporer Club $32.99/month All features of Majestic Membership + Rewind your last swipe, Advanced filters
Supreme Package $39.99/month All features of Empress/Emperor Club + Profile Boost, Read receipts, Hide from Facebook
Forever Package $139.99 Lifetime access to all features

Please note that the prices mentioned above are based on real-time information and may be subject to change.


Feeld does have a dating website, which provides an additional platform for users to explore and connect with others. The Feeld website offers similar features as its mobile application counterpart, allowing individuals and couples to discover like-minded individuals for various types of relationships.

One advantage of the Feeld website is its user-friendly interface. The site is designed intuitively, making it easier for users to navigate and access different sections or profiles without much hassle. Additionally, the website provides a larger screen space compared to the mobile app version, ensuring a smoother browsing experience.

Furthermore, the Feeld website encourages more comprehensive profile building. Users can include detailed descriptions about themselves and their preferences, helping them find suitable matches more effectively. This aspect caters particularly well to those who prioritize thorough self-expression while looking for connections.

However, it is worth noting that the Feeld website has some limitations compared to its mobile application. One such drawback is the lack of real-time notifications on the desktop version.

Unlike on mobile devices, where users instantly receive updates on new messages or interactions through push notifications, website users may need to manually check their inbox regularly for any recent activity. This slight inconvenience might cause delays in responding or keeping up with conversations.

Another factor worth considering is mobility convenience; although compatible across different browsers and accessible from most devices (including smartphones), the Feeld website does not offer all the functionalities optimized exclusively for mobile use found on their dedicated app. Despite these drawbacks, having a dedicated website allows Feeld users another option when accessing their accounts or engaging with potential matches beyond just using their phones. Whether one opts for using either platform alone or both in tandem depends solely on personal preferences and lifestyle dynamics within this alternative relationship-focused network

Who’s on Feeld?

Feeld attracts a diverse range of users, targeting individuals who are open-minded and seeking unique relationship dynamics. The app’s user demographics span across various age groups, but the majority fall within the 25 to 34-year-old range, reflecting its appeal among young adults exploring unconventional connections.

When it comes to desires, Feeld caters to both those looking for casual encounters and people seeking long-term relationships. Users can specify their preferences in their profiles, allowing them to actively connect with others who share similar intentions.

This flexibility makes Feeld an inclusive platform that welcomes different relationship structures and arrangements.

With its mission of embracing sexual exploration without judgment or restrictions, Feeld has developed a large global reach rather than focusing solely on one country. Its presence extends worldwide, attracting individuals from all corners of the globe who are curious about expanding their romantic horizons in safe and consensual ways. Whether you’re in Europe, America, Asia, or beyond, Feeld offers its services globally for like-minded individuals to connect and explore newfound possibilities.

Design & Usability

Feeld showcases an elegant and visually appealing design, with a carefully selected color palette that complements its overall aesthetics. The colors used throughout the platform effortlessly create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, enhancing the user experience.

The usability of Feeld is noteworthy for its simplicity and intuitive layout. Navigating the site is seamless, thanks to its well-structured interface which enables users to easily access various features and functionalities. Whether you are new to online dating or an experienced user, Feeld ensures a hassle-free browsing experience that focuses on connecting like-minded individuals.

Upon landing on Feeld’s homepage, users are greeted by clean lines, sans-serif fonts, and ample white space – all contributing to an uncluttered appearance. The choice of soft pastel shades such as gentle blues and muted pinks conveys a sense of serenity while maintaining a playful undertone.

This subtle use of color creates a relaxing ambiance conducive to exploring personal preferences discreetly within the platform.

The implementation of clear categorization facilitates effortless navigation through different sections of the website: from creating profiles tailored to unique relationship dynamics or sexual interests, to discovering potential matches in either groups or individual profiles – everything is conveniently located at your fingertips.

Feeld excels in providing an unparalleled user experience due to its straightforward flow. Registering an account takes only moments – minimal unnecessary steps result in smoother onboarding processes compared to other platforms on the market. Once registered, users have full control over managing their preferences while enjoying adaptive suggestions based on their indicated interests.

Feedback mechanisms embedded throughout Feeld enable seamless communication between members interested in making connections – whether for intimate experiences or building genuine relationships. Chatting functionality provides instant messaging capabilities without any convoluted interfaces that might hinder meaningful interactions.

While many essential features are available for free users who wish to explore Feeld’s core functionalities uninhibitedly, opting for a paid subscription brings additional benefits including enhanced matching algorithms and priority visibility among potential matches. These UI improvements afforded to subscribers ensure an even more tailored experience, catering directly to individual desires and preferences.

In summary, Feeld’s design is visually captivating, utilizing a sophisticated color scheme that sets the tone for intimate connections. Its usability stands out due to its intuitive interface and seamless navigation; whether you’re discovering new experiences or engaging in conversations with others, everything feels effortlessly accessible. Purchasing a paid subscription further enhances the user experience by offering additional UI improvements aimed at refining match suggestions and providing priority exposure within the platform.

How Does Feeld Work?

Feeld is a unique online platform designed to cater to the romantic, sexual, and emotional needs of non-traditional individuals seeking open relationships or exploring their sexuality. Originally launched in 2014 under the name “3nder,” Feeld aimed to create a space for people interested in connecting with like-minded individuals who are open to alternative relationship dynamics.

Feeld was created as a response to the lack of inclusive platforms that recognized and embraced diversity in relationships beyond the standard monogamous model. With its rebranding as Feeld, the platform expanded its mission even further by offering a safe space not only for couples seeking threesomes but also for various forms of consensual non-monogamy such as polyamory, swinging, and more.

To get started on Feeld, users can simply download the app on their iOS or Android devices and create an account using their Facebook credentials or phone number. Unlike some traditional dating apps that focus solely on individual profiles, Feeld permits couples and singles alike to build joint accounts known as "couples’ profiles.

" This allows users in a committed relationship to explore connections together without needing separate accounts.

Once registered, you can start browsing through an extensive user base composed of individuals from diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. From straight couples looking for additional partners to gay men interested in Polyfidelity or solo explorations – there’s something for everyone on Feeld. Users have full control over their privacy settings and can choose whether they want their profile visible only to matches or available publicly.

Featuring an intuitive interface resembling most popular dating apps today, Feeld enables users to swipe left or right based on mutual interests and attraction. Additionally, it provides advanced filters allowing members to specify exactly what they’re looking for in potential connections – be it casual hookups or long-term commitments.

One key feature of Feeld is its exploration-friendly chat system called “The Parlour,” which offers private group conversations and gives users the ability to communicate openly about desires, expectations, and boundaries before meeting in person.

Another unique aspect of Feeld is its emphasis on inclusivity and consent. The platform encourages open communication and promotes safe encounters by offering resources such as educational content, community guidelines, and support for reporting any inappropriate behavior.

In essence, Feeld provides a space where individuals seeking alternative relationship models can comfortably express themselves while respecting the needs and boundaries of others. With its user-friendly interface, extensive user base, advanced filters, and focus on open communication, Feeld offers an inclusive online community that serves as a powerful tool for exploring diverse romantic connections beyond the traditional norm.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Curious about how Feeld works? In this section, we will explore the search, filter, and communication features offered by Feeld in a neutral and matter-of-fact tone.

  • Feeld offers a search feature that allows users to find other members based on various criteria such as location, age, and interests.
  • With Feeld’s chat functionality, users can communicate with other members via text messages, fostering connections and facilitating meaningful conversations.
  • Feeld provides a matching algorithm that suggests potential matches based on compatibility factors derived from user preferences and interactions.
  • Through the use of customizable profile filters, users can narrow down their search results to find exactly what they are looking for on Feeld.
  • Feeld’s "Conversations" section organizes all ongoing chats in one place, making it easy for users to keep track of their interactions and engage in seamless communication.

Feeld allows users to make connections with others through its search options and filters. Users can search for people based on specific criteria such as age, location, and sexual orientation. The app also offers additional filters like “kinks” and “openness.” These features enable individuals to find like-minded partners or explore new possibilities within their desired boundaries. How does Feeld work? By utilizing these search tools and connecting with potential matches who align with their preferences, users have the opportunity to facilitate meaningful connections.

Signing up

The registration process on Feeld is straightforward and easy to navigate, allowing users to create an account quickly. To begin the sign-up process, individuals must meet the minimum required age of 18 years old.

Feeld offers two methods for registering: through a Facebook account or via email. If choosing the Facebook option, you will need an existing Facebook account. By logging in with your Facebook credentials, Feeld can retrieve some of your basic information such as name and profile picture from your Facebook profile. Rest assured that Feeld does not post anything on your behalf or share your activity on its platform to Facebook.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to use a Facebook account, you can still register by entering your email address instead. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to provide necessary details manually.

Regardless of whether you choose to sign up via Facebook or email, the overall registration process remains consistent. You will then need to create a unique username and password for accessing your Feeld account securely. Your chosen username helps personalize your experience within the app while maintaining privacy for all users.

Next comes completing your profile – an essential step in maximizing potential matches and connections on Feeld.

This includes providing relevant personal information such as gender identity(s), sexual orientation(s), preferences regarding partners or communities’ configurations, among other aspects related to self-expression in connection with intimacy.

Once these steps are completed successfully and you’ve reviewed the terms and conditions of using the platform (as any responsible user should do!), you’re ready to dive into exploring Feeld’s features.

It’s vital to note that signing up on Feeld is free! After creating an account at no cost, users can explore various potential connections based on their preferences while experiencing a safe space designed for open-minded individuals seeking genuine connections without judgment.

In essence, whether utilizing a Facebook account or opting for email registration as per personal preference and convenience; once registered onto Feeld’s diverse platform, users can eagerly embark on their journey to discovering and engaging with like-minded individuals.

  • The sign-up process on Feeld requires completing the registration process.
  • Users have the option to sign up using their Facebook account or via email.
  • If signing up through Facebook, a linked Facebook account is mandatory.
  • When signing up via email, users need to provide a valid email address for verification purposes.
  • An active internet connection is required during the sign-up process.
  • Users should create a unique username and password during the registration process.
  • Age verification may be necessary during the sign-up process to ensure compliance with the platform’s policies.
  • Users should review and agree to Feeld’s terms of service and privacy policy before completing the sign-up process.

User Profiles

Feeld, a popular dating app that caters to open-minded individuals, offers user profiles that allow you to express yourself and connect with like-minded people. Let’s dive into the details of Feeld’s user profiles!

The user profiles on Feeld are public by default, meaning they can be viewed by other users of the app. This openness promotes transparency and encourages users to showcase their authentic selves. However, Feeld also respects your privacy and allows you to control the visibility of certain aspects of your profile.

In terms of personal information displayed on profiles, Feeld allows you to set a custom bio where you can write about yourself or share what you’re looking for in potential connections. This feature gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself creatively or provide specific details about your desires and interests.

When it comes to location information, profiles on Feeld typically display the general area or city where a user is located. However, if desired, there is an option to hide this information from being visible on your profile. This way, you can maintain some level of privacy when it comes to disclosing your exact whereabouts.

While browsing through profiles on Feeld, the app provides an indication of the distance between you and another user based on each person’s location settings. This feature helps facilitate convenient connections between individuals who may be geographically close.

For those who opt for a premium subscription on Feeld, known as Majestic Membership, there are several benefits related to their profile. Users with Majestic Membership enjoy enhanced visibility within search results as well as priority messaging privileges. Additionally, premium subscribers have access to advanced filters while searching for potential matches – allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for more efficiently.

Regarding fake profiles on Feeld: although any platform with significant user base faces this challenge at times – including dating apps – it should be noted that feigned accounts are relatively minimal due stringent security measures put in place by Feeld’s team, including verification processes to minimize the presence of fake profiles.

To ensure privacy and control over your profile, Feeld provides users with ample options for adjusting their settings. You can restrict certain elements of your profile from being visible to others or choose to make changes as needed. Furthermore, Feeld offers the option of signing in either using a Google account or Facebook account, providing convenience and flexibility during the registration process.

In conclusion, Feeld’s user profiles allow individuals to express themselves openly while granting control over important aspects of their privacy. Whether you’re seeking connections nearby or expanding your horizons globally, these profiles aid in establishing meaningful connections within an open-minded community.


1. Is Feeld worth it?

If you’re looking for something more than the usual dating app experience, then Feeld is definitely worth a shot! It caters to open-minded individuals seeking unique connections and provides a platform that encourages exploration and self-expression. So why not give it a go? Happy Q&A-ing!

2. How does Feeld work?

Feeld, the dating app for curious and open-minded individuals, works by providing a platform where users can explore their desires freely. With its unique matchmaking algorithm, Feeld offers q&a options to help you find like-minded people based on your preferences and interests. So whether you’re looking for polyamorous relationships or simply seeking new experiences, Feeld empowers you to connect with others who share similar passions.

3. How does Feeld website work?

So, Feeld is a pretty cool dating website designed for curious and non-monogamous folks. You create a profile with your preferred gender identity(ies), relation status(es), and interests. Then you can either swipe through profiles or join group chats to meet like-minded individuals who are up for exploring all sorts of connections—whether it’s a romantic rendezvous or simply an engaging q&a session!

4. How can I know that the profiles on Feeld are real?

As an online dating expert who’s tried Feeld, I can tell you that while there are no guarantees, there are a few ways to assess profile authenticity. One way is looking for genuine and descriptive bios with personalized information, as real users tend to put effort into introducing themselves. Additionally, paying attention to the quality of photos (not overly edited or stock images) and engaging in meaningful conversations through their Q&A section can also help verify profiles on Feeld.

5. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Feeld?

Hey there! Getting your profile approved on Feeld typically takes around 24-48 hours, but it can vary depending on the current queue. So just hang tight, and in the meantime feel free to browse through some helpful Q&A sections on their website for more info and tips to make the most out of your experience!

6. How much does Feeld cost?

Feeld offers a free version with limited features, but if you’re serious about finding connections, the Majestic membership is worth it. It costs $15.99 for one month or $31.99 per quarter—so no excuses for skipping date night! Still curious? Check out Feeld’s Q&A section for more details on pricing and what each plan offers.

7. How can I contact Feeld?

Hey there! If you have any burning questions or need help with anything Feeld-related, their customer support team is just a tap away. You can reach out to them directly through the in-app Q&A feature, and they’ll get back to you ASAP. Happy exploring!


To sum up, Feeld is a unique dating app that caters specifically to individuals interested in exploring different types of relationships. Its open and inclusive platform creates a space where users can embrace their sexuality and connect with like-minded individuals effortlessly. Whether you are seeking non-traditional relationships, experimenting with polyamory, or simply curious about ethical non-monogamy, Feeld offers a supportive community and an intuitive interface for navigating the complexities of modern dating dynamics.

With features such as Slack-like chat threads and verification options for added security, Feeld strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its diverse user base.

The extensive customization options allow users to clearly express their desires and preferences while searching for partners who share similar interests.

Feeld’s commitment to transparency is further demonstrated through the thorough privacy policy it maintains. Users have control over their personal information and can feel confident in engaging with others on the platform.

However, some may find the limited pool of potential matches within smaller cities or rural areas slightly challenging compared to more mainstream dating apps.

Additionally, certain paid features may not be accessible without subscribing to one of the premium membership plans.

Overall, if you’re looking to explore unconventional connections in a respectful and welcoming community, Feeld could offer you an exciting avenue to expand your horizons when it comes to relationships.

Lucas Ramirez

Lucas Ramirez is an online dating expert who has dedicated his life to helping people find the perfect match. He started out as a freelance writer, but soon found himself drawn towards the world of digital romance. After extensive research and testing different platforms, Lucas decided to focus on writing reviews for various dating sites and apps in order to help others make informed decisions when it comes to their love lives. A graduate from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, Lucas's knowledge about human behavior allows him great insight into how relationships form over time through online interactions – something he considers invaluable information that can be used by anyone looking for meaningful connections via technology-based mediums such as social media or virtual chat rooms. His passion lies not only within this field of study but also in providing individuals with valuable advice regarding all aspects of modern day courtship; from crafting witty bios on Tinder profiles all the way up until meeting someone face-to-face after having established some kind of rapport beforehand (and everything else related). In addition, Lucas is constantly striving towards creating content that will provide readers with both accurate data points while at same time being entertaining enough so they remain engaged throughout its entirety - thus making sure no one ever feels overwhelmed by too much technical jargon or unnecessary fluff pieces written solely for clickbait purposes alone! What drives him most however are those moments where somebody reaches out thanking him personally because thanks his work they were able to find true happiness; which ultimately made want pursue this career path even further than before!

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